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Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram

"Moon Gate's awakening was an unnatural happening, a gigantic farce."

Using the DNA company, O.M.G. (Operation Moon Gate) became a weapon of vast destruction, but from the disentangled DNA; RNA, (a force who were confronting them) gained a sudden increase in power. Both of them claimed right of ownership to the nine industrial plants from the strong point of their Virtuaroid development.

However, no one saw the signs of their convergence as they fought around the plants. In the year V.C.a4, the reality was that they were finally approaching the climax of their war. Suddenly however, the nineth plant which held the main system of the TANGRAM (Space Time Causation Control Mechanism) vanished from the normal space-time continuum!

Considering that it had the ability to operate the Moon Gate, the loss of this plant was the advent of catastrophic danger to Earth. The Cybertroopers must search for Tangram! The pilot who is able to discover and possess the missing nineth plant will certainly be able to seize the initiative in the war's stalemate situation.

Both factions, DNA and RNA posses Virtuaroid cybertroopers. However, every area of their comprehensive reorganisation has evolved on a scale that has never been seen before! Now the curtain has been ripped down and the act begins for a new battle!"

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