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Bal Series
The Bal-Series is now the only Virtuaroid with the most complex weapon system which requires a series of trigger combinations to push this guy to its limits. If you think that mastering this VR is just as easy as mastering the ol' "egg-shell" Bal, you're wrong! With the 4 ejectable remote launchers(E.R.Ls), the Bal-Series will surely needs a psychotic pilot.

Trigger Results
LW Bal shoots a floating mine(The power of the mines depends on the way of your movements).
CW He ejects boths arm's E.R.L.s which fires a series of green laser shots.
RW Shoots the now green-coloured Ring Beams as in VOOM.
LT+LW Ejects the left hand E.R.L.
*The crouching version ejects the left thigh E.R.L.
LT+CW Bal fires a double 'chest-lasers'. Easily neutralized by any weapons. Low damage.
LT+RW Ejects the right hand E.R.L.
*The crouching version ejects the right thigh E.R.L.
RT+LW Bal releases a giant floating mine.
RT+CW Bal ejects all e.r.l.s
RT+RW Bal fires a streamer-like laser which is able to change its direction once.

Crouching CW: Bal crouches real low and ejects both thigh which flies to the enemy and creates an energy field. Impressive damage.

Crouching LW: Bal releases some spiky bouncing mines.

Side-dash Coruching CW: Bal releases the thigh erls while dashing. The erls will    shoot rings and mines until they're empty.

Melee Attacks
LW= Left hand claw(egg-beater).
CW= Double claw(egg-beaters).
RW= Laser 'light-sabre' slash.
RT+LW= Quadra-Claws.
RT+CW= Quadra-laser 'light-sabres'.
RT+RW= Tekken punch.

Reflect Lasers(LT+LW, LT+RW, Crouch LT+LW, Crouch LT+RW, jump RT+CW)
Bal jumps into the air and dances while his E.R.L. do a great job for him.