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Overall, Temjin is still the well-balanced VR in the game. He retains his old arsenal of weapons and colour scheme, with some updates. His armour had bulked up, and there's those li'l orange patterns on him. The weapons, however, enjoys a major enhancement.

Trigger Results
LW Temjin throws a bomb as in the VOOM version.  
LT+LW He rolls a bomb towards his opponent. Explodes when it hits an obstacle or near enough to the opponent.
RT+LW He throws a bouncing bomb.
CW Vertical Swordbeam
LT+CW Horizontal Swordbeam. Has the ability to knock any VRs down depending on the VRs' V.Armour and number of the beam hits.
RT+CW A stronger version of the Vertical SB
RW Beam rifle shot. It looks smaller and shorter than the VOOM version.
LT+RW Fires a series of small and fast projectiles that knock ALL VRs down fast and easy for a down-attack. VERY not damaging, though.
RT+RW Temjin splits his sword-rifle and reveals a cannon shot. If you could get a clear view of it, you may see a crystal in the rifle.

LW: Rifle poke.
CW: Vertical SwordSlash.
RW: Rifle poke.
RT+LW: Temjin slams the enemy with his elbow/fist.
RT+CW: Temjin spins around and slash the enemy(Cypher CC CW)
RT+RW: Temjin rolls towards the opponent and do a great damage.


Surfing Ram(Forward aerial dash+CW when all weapons gauge are full)
A quick animation of Temjin opening his sword and surf towards his enemy. Great damage (It is able to scrap out about 50% out of a perfect light VR). Homing, but there's no invincibility like the Viper II's SLC.

Mega Spinning Sword(Turn Left OR Right when the CW gauge is full)
He lits his sword, and then started to spin madly towards the enemy. Damage level same as the CC sword slash. Has homing ability but slow.