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Mr. Heavyweight is back! Now with extra enhancements to his weapon system! Overall, Raiden retains his ol look, but the armour had bulked up to match the look of Temjin's new face. The bazooka now has a digital display on it.
Trigger Results
LW Raiden throws his ol' Ground Bomb. Performance depends on the movements, where the side sliding(or crouching; I forgot) version of the G-Bomb makes a big explosion.
CW Raiden Players' fav, The Laser. Weapon-Cancelable, easily avoidable(Static-Charges tells it all).
RW The Bazooka, now with better sound effects and better looking.
LT+LW Static Bomb. It looks like an energy ball with electricity around, and it give any VRs which didn't avoid it a good damage.
LT+CW Electric Net. Raiden forms a corridor-like field, trapping the enemy inside, or stuns him/her if connected. Raiden will surely have a great time...
LT+RW Rapid Bazooka. Raiden shoots the bazooka faster but with light damage.
RT+LW A powerful version of the G-Bomb.
RT+CW Turbo Lasers, doing mega damage on any VRs, especially Cypher.
RT+RW Turbo Bazooka. Raiden lifted the bazooka and released a large bazooka shell.

LW= Shoulder barge
CW= Electric lasers
RW= Bash with the launcher
RT+LW= Faster shoulder barge
RT+CW= Turbo elec-lasers
RT+RW= Downwards launcher bash

Armour Discharge(Double jump+ Start)
Raiden jumps into the air and throws all his armour away, deleting 90% (!!) of energy. Speed enhanced, but don't do this unless you're sure that you're winning or just enjoying the naked Raiden running around. However, if you've only 1% of health left, doing this will left you with 0.1%, which is not too bad....